Top 10 things I hate!

Okay so maybe I don’t necessarily hate all of the things on this list, hate is a very strong word. I just dislike them. At least once in my day something happens or I have to face something that I hate. So carry on reading to find out my top 10 things I hate, and who knows maybe you hate them too.

1.Soft Play

This has to be my number one, bloody soft play. I mean who really enjoys a noisy, busy area full of loud sweaty, screaming children (mine included ). Not to mention the fact that most of the time soft play centres are dirty and grubby, they ruin your children’s clothes especially socks, (My kids socks are in the bin once we are home they are not even worthy of a machine wash), and my son always seems to find a manky chip or a half eaten biscuit and want to eat it. No just no. The tables and floor area where you sit is just full of food and plates with half eaten food that my son also wants. I will always wipe the seat with a wet wipe before I sit down. I absolutely dread taking my shoes off let alone going into the actual play area with my children, But for some god be known reason my kids absolutely love going and ask to go at least once a week. And like the amazing mum I am I do take them. But bare in mind if you ever see me there, I wont look happy. Oh and lets take a second to mention those massive slides, those massive massive slides that kids seem to just throw themselves down and jump into the net at the bottom… they are a day trip to A&E waiting to happen. My heart jumps out of my body every time my kids go down one.  I just hate soft play centres I really do, Some people love them but sadly its a no from me.Your worse nightmare

2.Ignorant people

The type of people that make you wish you weren’t so nice, yes I am talking about those people that never say thank you when you let them out of a junction (a flicker of the lights will do), or the people that never say thank you when you hold the door open for them. Some people even give you the death stare as they come charging at you in a hurry their usually leaving a shop as you’re just walking in, and like the kind person you are obviously you move out the way for them, to be virtually shoulder tackled to the ground because you have the cheek to be there in their way on purpose. I am a big texter and I love a good phone call too, but if you don’t reply to me or call me back within five minutes you’re ignorant lol.

3.Sunday drivers

Let me tell you one thing in my whole 15 months experience of driving. I don’t know why these people are called sunday drivers because they fucking drive like it every single day of the damn week except sunday when suddenly their in a hurry because they realise the shops shut at 4pm. And how I know this, because I spend 5 days of the week doing 20 minutes of driving up and down a national speed limit road following someone doing 35mph. You see down on the floor where your feet are, on your right side there’s a pedal called the excelleration pedal, fucking use it! I am not an out of control driver I have a black box for Christ sake, but I like to stick to the speed limits set as do most people actually wanting to get somewhere that day.

4.Rude shop assistants

Most shop assistants I have come across are very helpful and lovely, but there are a minority that let them down. For example I went into a shop the other day to swap an item that had ripped after wearing it twice, the assistant I asked looked at me as if I was asking them to wipe my arse and proceeded to tell me they would not leave the till to go and get another item to swap because their colleague had gone to the toilet (bare in mind the shop was empty and there was no one in the queue). Not that I was bothered about that anyway because I could have got the item myself, I have legs. Anyway the assistant then asked their fellow colleague who had returned from the toilet to fetch a new pair of leggings in the size I wanted for an exchange, Who then looked at me and asked what I wanted a new pair for. To wipe my own arse, obvoiously? Anyway after a short explanation and a roll of the eyes from the assistant, a new pair of leggings was finally brought to the person serving me to exchange. Moral of the story here don’t bother exchanging clothing if it has ripped, ripped clothing is a fashion statement after all even if it is in the crotch area.

5.Public toilets

I cringe at the thought of needing to use a toilet when I am out I absolutely hate the idea of the germs, it is the one time my mind starts to think “I wonder how many bums have sat on this toilet seat in the last 10 minutes”. I will always wipe the seat with tissue (not that that’s going to do anything) and hover, because I am not willing to sit on someone else’s piss and contract whatever is lingering on that seat!Yuck

6.Chest hair

I don’t really hate chest hair that much, it’s just something that is not for me (Lucky I’m a girl then hey). If I wanted to be with King Kong then I would. Luckily my partner has the body of a 12 year old, so I don’t have to worry there lol.Is that really attractive?

7.People who don’t swear

I am excited for this one. If you don’t use any form of swear word in your vocabulary then we can’t be friends! I’m sorry but I fucking love it. If you don’t say fuck, shit, twat, bastard or some other swear word at least once in your day are you even normal? And no my children’s first word was not fuck. I just find it the best form of expression. It is a way of showing we really mean what we say! Apparently instead of punching someone in the face, we can channel our anger by swearing at them instead. Suites me.

8.Crop tops

There is only one real reason I hate crop tops, because I’m a chubby load of frump. I can’t be the only one who will look at someone wearing a really pretty crop top with a stunning figure and cry? Thinking if I didn’t like cake so much that could be me. Oh and not to mention my kids yes its their fault too, they didn’t call it a mum tum for nothing!!

9.Rush hour

Who does not hate bloody rush hour? Angry drivers, shit drivers, slow drivers, drivers that own massive cars and have no idea how to drive them. Yes all of these drivers and more are actually out on the road at the same time, so don’t expect to get anywhere anytime soon. Worst thing in the world when you’re a parent with a child that’s about to fall asleep in the back of the car (even 5 minutes means he will be up and full of beans at midnight). And the other one is kicking the back of my damn seat, opening and closing the window because shes too hot then too cold, shouting at me because she’s hungry and whining that god awful, ear piercing whine she does because I have no food in the car.  If you’re a parent like me stuck in rush hour, the kids can make their own way home. On the plus side I get to swear at other people a lot, and I mean a lot.


My last topic of the list is toys, why? Because they are everywhere!! When I say everywhere I mean it, in my bed, in the bath, down the toilet, in my shoes, in the car, in the oven, you name it my kids toys are there! The worst ones are the ones that make noise, the ones the kids forget to turn off and when you finally figure out where the noise is coming from you discover it doesn’t have an off button…Who in their right mind would make a toy that doesn’t bloody turn off? Oh yeah that’s right, someone without kids I bet. Bastards. What about the horrible little toys, like barbies shoes, or lego, or cars, the toys that you never see and always tread on! And they hurt, so much! Oh and play doh. Play doh is banned in this house. Don’t buy my kids toys.The most lethal thing invented

So that’s it, if you have made it this far thank you so much for reading my top 10 things I hate, let me know if you hate any of these things too. Chances are if you’re as misersable as I am then you will!

Author: Sian’sways

Hello, my name is Sian. I started this blog in 2017 after the death of our baby Betsy. I am the sort of person that finds writing things down and expressing myself helpful. But I want to express myself in so many different ways and talk about so many things including; Mental Health, Baby Loss, Fashion, Motherhood, Hauls, DIY, Beauty, Reviews and so many other things

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