Mua Highlighter Review (and give away) CLOSED

I have been asked by a quite a few people to review these popular Mua highlighters, so I am! I absolutely love these and I use them every day when wearing make up, they are 100% my favourite! These are the 5 I have, I believe there may be 1 or 2 colours I don’t have- but these were the ones available to me in my local Superdrug.

1. Peach Diamond

This is one of my newest highlighters, it’s definitely the most subtle one out of them (although it may not look it). If you don’t like the more out there, in your face colours then this is your baby. The good thing is it still gives you that beautiful shimmery glow! Like all these highlighters, there’s no denying their on your face.

2. Ice Sparkle

This one is also a newbie. I stood ‘uming and ahhing’ at this in the shop for ages. Just couldn’t decide if I’d ever wear it or it would suite me, but nevertheless I ended up purchasing it. And I do really love it, I’ve only worn it twice as it’s not an everyday highlight, but it does look bloody good I will say. Such a stunning Icy blue.

3. Golden Scintillation

I reach for this one most days, there is nothing much to say other than it’s freaking amazing! A gorgeous gold colour, definitely an every day colour and for all skin types I personally think.

4. Iridescent Gold

Like the last one I talked about, this one is a top favourite! I feel like on the face this looks more white than gold, but you can definitely see the gold tinge in it. This one I also reach for daily and can’t get enough!!

5. Rosewood Glimmer

And lastly I have this lovely pink, rose colour. Now admittedly I don’t wear this one much, I don’t know why because I still really like it! It’s a beautiful colour, and I rate it a lot.

I love every single one of these, And I can honestly go as far as saying they are much nicer and so much more pigmented than the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit I have. As their only £3 each, you cannot go wrong what a bargain!! I hope you enjoyed this mini review, all of the opinions are my own.

Also I have two of these babies to give away to one lucky person, as a little way of saying thank you to those of you that read and enjoy my blogs! To enter my give away and be in for a chance of winning all you have to do is- like follow, and share this link on your social media:

I will check you have done it then enter you, will close Friday 8th December 2017 at 20:00pm.

Author: Sian’sways

Hello, my name is Sian. I started this blog in 2017 after the death of our baby Betsy. I am the sort of person that finds writing things down and expressing myself helpful. But I want to express myself in so many different ways and talk about so many things including; Mental Health, Baby Loss, Fashion, Motherhood, Hauls, DIY, Beauty, Reviews and so many other things

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