Christmas Morning Routine.

The big day is only 4 days away now and whilst I am finalising the last bits, I thought I would talk about how our Christmas Morning goes! I know everybody does things differently so my morning may not be the same as the next person, but if you’re interested here’s how it goes for us. 

For me and Michael it usually starts around 1am.. Because like every other parent we are still up wrapping the pissing presents, making sure ‘Santa’ has been, and nibbled his carrot and drank his beer, Michael gulps that down a treat ha ha. Then finally off to bed for about 5 hours, so you better like your shit kids- cos mummy and daddy are bloody knackered!We caught the sod last year, for proof!

5/6am in come the kids demanding to know if he’s been, we scramble out of bed before the kids burst into the living room and attack everything like a pack of hyenas. Half asleep remembering how tired we are we join the hype and excitement that Father Christmas has been. Did I mention we were up until 1am, and that knob gets all the credit?!Images of last year and the year before, just a little taster of how nice it all looked before they got their mits in.

I usually try and have some sort of order when it comes to present opening- so I can get some pictures and the kids actually see what they have got. So we start with the stockings, the small ‘boring’ presents the kids don’t really give a toss about (what an awful mum lol). Main presents I always try and do one person at a time, that lasts for about two presents so I have to be super quick if I want any pictures. Don’t worry kids I’ll wait for my presents.. I’m patient I can do it!

After all the presents are finally open and my flat looks like a swimming pool of wrapping paper, the children play with their new toys whilst I prepare breakfast. I love doing a nice selection for breakfast: Coffee, Tea, Buck’s Fizz, Croissants, Smoked Salmon, Biscuits, Sausages, Bacon and Toast. A fancy selection that often gets wasted because it’s Christmas Day of course and the children don’t want to bloody eat… how stupid can I be?

We also go to family Christmas Day, so after presents and breakfast it’s rushing around like a heard of chickens making sure everybody is ready in their Christmas outfits and other people’s presents are ready to go! How easy is it coxing two children on a buzz into the bath and getting them dressed? Not very fucking easy it would appear. Not to mention the fact that we end up taking every single present they got with us, because their not leaving them at home… god forbid they might never see them again!

The children do actually love what they get though!

But all in all I would not have my Christmas any other way! The late nights, the mounts of wrapping and toys, the rushing around, visiting everyone, putting on a stone in a day, it’s what makes Christmas special to me. Christmas would not be what it is without my children, it’s madness but I absolutely love it!!

Author: Sian’sways

Hello, my name is Sian. I started this blog in 2017 after the death of our baby Betsy. I am the sort of person that finds writing things down and expressing myself helpful. But I want to express myself in so many different ways and talk about so many things including; Mental Health, Baby Loss, Fashion, Motherhood, Hauls, DIY, Beauty, Reviews and so many other things

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