My Make-up Routine 2019!

Now I’m not a make up expert, I haven’t taken any courses. I’ve spent years watching beauty guru’s on YouTube and practising as much as I can.

I often get comments on my make up, good comments. People ask me what I use and where I get certain things from, thats not me being big headed at all.

If I’m honest I feel my make up is average, I’ve seen people do much better.But for some reason people still ask and comment, I’ve even been asked to do people’s make up for them.

So therefore I have decided to do a full make up routine blog for you, not skin care just make up.

Skin care is a really important part when it comes to your make up. How you treat and look after your skin is how your make up will in turn treat your face. I have a skin care routine I always follow when wearing make up, which I’m happy to dedicate in another blog.

As I’m very anal about my skin care routine.

But.. Without further a do, my make up routine 2019!Firstly when I have prepped my skin I like to use my Aldi correcting sticks. These are brilliant for the winter time, as they help with skin blemishes, imperfections, redness and under eye circles. I got this around a year ago for literally £3! They are so good.I don’t tend to use the beige stick, as I don’t find my skin has many irregularities to my skin.

But I do use the red and the green..The red helps with under eye circles and darkness.The green helps with skin redness and veins. I have a large blue vein on my nose and a few small ones on my eyelids that are quite visible. I’ve often been asked why I have a bruised nose.Not the greatest picture but I just apply where I want it and leave it, don’t rub it in as it blends in much better with your foundation on top.Next up is primer. For me this is really important to give your foundation that good base to stick on. Again teamed with a great skin care routine, it’ll help everything apply effortlessly. There is nothing worse than cakey patchy foundation.

I tend to use mattifying or matte primers, as I do suffer from oily skin, which in turn can make me look sweaty and shiny.My primers are just ordinary fair priced drug store primers.

They range from £5 to £13.From left to right in order.

Revlon photo ready: £12.99

L’Oréal infallible mattifying base: £8.99

Barry M Flaweless original: £6.99

Revolution Ultra face base: £5.00

Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water: £6.00

Foundation next and over the last few months I’ve built up quite a stash. I love foundation, I’m very guilty for buying any recommended.. If its on offer I’ll try it, so be prepared for this. I mix my foundations up daily, as in I always wear a different one every day.

Their all very good, most are drug store so extremely affordable. And they all give the same fabulous effect.From left to right in order.

Maybelline Superstay: £9.99

Rimmel lasting finish 25 hours: £8.99

Revlon colour stay 24 hour: £12.99

Maybelline fit me: £5.99… As you can see I have two of these in two different shades, this such a flawless cheap foundation

Elf: £7.50

Flower light illusion: £12.99

Estee lauder: £34.00.. This is a fantastic foundation, but I can honestly say the cheap ones I use are so alike.

My perfect colour: £3.00

Gorgio Armani luminous silk: £34.00

Urban decay all nighter: £30.00

Loreal infallible 24 hour matte: £8.99

Revolution foundation stick: £5.00

As I say I think every single one of these foundations are incredible, there isn’t one I wouldn’t use. They all do just the job for me. Today I went for the Rimmel Lasting finish.I have to say I have tried and tested many of tools for applying liquid foundation, I have used plenty of different brands. From pricer high end brushes such as spectrum to the cheaper end of super drug own.

But I can honestly say that nothing gives me that smooth, well blended, crisp finish like the beauty blender. It’s so easy to use, you don’t rub just bounce.. Simply effortless.Concealers are a must for me, some people apply them before foundation. I apply mine on top, it works the best for me. I only have 3 concealers, because I always always go back to the one I love the most, collection lasting perfection.Collection lasting perfection: £4.19, in my opinion the best concealer on the market. I would seriously compare it to the urban decay naked skin concealer which retails at 20 pounds.

Maybelline fit me: £5.99

Benefit Boi ing: £18.50Sorry the lighting wasnt the best, I tried to adjust the filter to show how I apply my concealer. I basically go under my eyes and ontop of the eyelid, then down in a triangle, a little on my forehead at the top of my nose, down my nose, above my lip and a little on my chin. If I have any spots I dab a little on there too. Blend it all in with my beauty blender.

I find it so important to then set my concealer with some kind of loose powder, it keeps it in place and stops it from going cakey. This is also super important if you’re going to wear eyeshadow; to prevent those crease lines.I just use a soft real techniques buffing brush, any soft flat brush will do. And one of my choices of loose powder.

Bare minerals: £28.00

Mayy banana powder: £15.00, this was in last months glossy box

Ben nye banana powder: £14.95

Gosh mineral powder: £9.99

Bronzer next. I literally couldn’t not bronze ever, I find it really makes your face up. I can define my nose, forehead and cheekbones and jawline so well doing this. Making them look much more slim.I tend to always reach for the benefit hoola bronzer, it also comes with the mini flat brush (as seen in picture), which is absolutely perfect for applying the bronzer and creating those defined lines.

Sleek face contour kit: £6.99

Iconic cream contour pallette: £33.50. I have to say this isn’t something I use often, as powder is so much easier to apply and blend in my opinion

Revolution ultra bronze: £3.00

Collection bronze glow: £2.99

Benefit Hoola: £26

I will then use the real techniques bronzing brush to blend.A matte powder works best for me to set everything, this is my next step. With a studio fluffy brush.

Benefit hello flawless powder: £29.00

Loreal infallible Pro matte powder: £5.99

Urban decay de slick mattifying powder: £20.00

NYX HD finishing powder: £9.00

I then go back to one of my bronzers with a very large bronzing fluffy brush, and just lightly apply bronzer all over my face. Again using whichever one I fancy that day, and not forgetting my kneck. Always so important to blend into your kneck.Highlighter comes after all that as I find it sits best. It tends to rub off if I do it before my powder. Using your bronzer lines are very handy in getting that highlighted cheek bones right.The main highlighting pallette I love and use is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit. This retails at £42.00. Which some might say ouch, but it’s such a good highlighting kit.

I have created a little video at the end which also includes my set of the MUA shimmer highlighters I sometimes use. I have them in all the shades.. They retail at only £3.50. And are such a brilliant dupe if you don’t want to splash out on the Anastasia kit.The smaller tapered brush is used to apply my highlight to my cheekbones, top of my nose, tip of my nose, cupids bow and a little in my chin. My trust fan brush which was around £2 on ebay then blends it out.

Today I actually used the blue MUA shimmer highlighter in Ice Sparkle.Ice sparkle. The last part to my face base before we have fun with eyes and lips is brows.One of the most important things in completing your look. I don’t think a face is made without those brows. Mine are not tattooed on. I have one brand and one brand only brow pencil I trust and use. I love it so much, I couldn’t get on with the pommades, so the pencil works best for me.

I use a lighter shade for the front of my brow and the darker shade for the rest.Mascara wands: £2.99 for 50 on ebay. These are to brush your eyebrows first

Rimmel Brow Professional Pencil: £3.99 in the lightest and darkest shade

Benefit clear 24 hour brow setting gel: £20.50. This is worth every penny, it will style and set your brows however you brush them on and keep them completely in place.

I used to use the benefit gimme brow which is also great, but I found this in TK MAXX and fell in love with it.

Moving on to the fun part, Eyes. Now I can’t do all these amazing cut creased looks that you see.. But I do love having a play around with different colours and shades. When it comes to eyeshadow blending is key, you can never blend the colour enough. It’s so much easier to add than it is to take away!A little snippet of my eyeshadow collection, I have way too many.

But today I went for the Morphe 3502 second nature pallette: £26.00

And the Primark Gold Rush pallette: £4.

Both different ends of the price spectrum, and both just as good.

I always start by using a fluffy brush to put a light colour all over my eyelid, this is to create that blank canvas so the colours pop more.

I use an angled eyeshadow brush to add a deep/dark colour in the corners and half way across my lid, I also take it down underneath my eye.

Lastly on a flat shadow brush, a nice shimmery or glittery colour to fill the rest of the lid.

Such a simple technique, easy so effective. There are probably much better ways of applying eyeshadow but this works for me, everyone has different eye shapes, so it’s worth taking that into consideration.. And finding a technique best to suite your eyes.Eyeliner and mascara are simple, I have a couple of favourites. I tend to wear 2 different mascaras. I find it fills my lashes the most.

NYX retractable eyeliner: £5.50

Maybelline kohl liner: £4.99

Rimmel volume FLASHX10 mascara: £5.99

Maybelline lash sensational mascara: £8.99

Maybelline The Lift Volum Express mascara: £6.00Again as you can see my lip collection is huge, I have such a massive range of liquid lipsticks. They are pretty much all matte as I love a matte lip. In there there’s New look, Revolution, Barry M, Maybelline, Bourjois, Rimmel, Sleek, MUA and many more.

I have the standard lip liner colours so they match pretty much any of the basic colours I wear: purple, red, brown, grey, pink, nude etc.

Lastly I wait for my lashes to dry and spray my face with the revolution pro matte fixing spray: £5.00.

This is the most important step to finalise your make up. It works amazingly and my make up lasts all day.

I’ve often been told when I’m sweating it out at the gym that my make up stays perfectly intact.Thanks to this.I hope you enjoyed my full Make Up routine, and this helps a lot of you asking for tips and products.Sorry guys the first little bit of this video is upside down. But it does sort itself out.

All my love

See you in my next Blog

Sian xo

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