Avoiding the Christmas Stress

There is such a stigma that surrounds Christmas. Whilst it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the most expensive and stressful time.

Getting everything organised, preparing to see family, yes you’ve got to sit at the table with that cousin you hate. Buying presents, cooking dinner, christmas shopping, entertaining the kids, wrapping presents. There is just so much to do.

I’m abit useless when it comes to my Christmas shopping, I always leave it till December. I like to get Annabelles birthday out the way first, and then make a start!

Every year I tell myself I’ll start buying gifts in the January sales, and putting money by each month. But do I? Do I ****.

If you want to be less like me, I’ve come up with some ways I can help you. Whilst I might not be the best at getting my Christmas shopping done and dusted by November, I do do some of the things mentioned below.

Without further ado….

Forget the expectations:

So last year you bought your mum that Michael Kors purse she really wanted, or your partner the xbox he’d been going on about non stop. That doesn’t mean you have to top that every year.

Maybe you had a bonus at work, or could afford it last year. But it’s not doable every time, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Some people actually rate Christmas to be more stressful than getting divorced, moving house or even being burgled. Don’t put that pressure on yourself, it’s the thought that counts!

Plan ahead:

Again something I have only just started doing, which I will bloody kick myself for on a few weeks.

I know this would take so much time and stress off my shoulders, heck I may actually listen to myself next year.

Start making those lists, write down everything that needs to be done, everything you need and want to buy.

Whether that be food, presents, decorations, write it down and make a start.

Plan your travel arrangements. If you’re going to your parents house and plan on drinking, how are you getting home?

Prioritising the list is important, make a mark next to the most important things you need sorted first.

Sometimes delagating things to others can definitely reduce that load. And save your list for the years to come, you may thank yourself.

Slow down:

Stop rushing! You do not need to buy, wrap, and decorate the house all in one day.

The festive season is supposed to be exciting and some what relaxing, it will get done.


Make a budget and try your hardest to stick to it; whether you’re rolling in money or trying to make ends meat, we all need a realistic budget.

Don’t go getting yourself into debt, you don’t need to take out a loan.. Simple planning and budgeting will help.

Something I think I’m actually going to force myself to do next year is open a seperate bank account with a different branch to my own. Specifically for Christmas savings.. And pop some money in there each month, even the standard child benefit we all get.

Hide my username and password if I sign up to online banking so I can’t get on to it, and let Michael have the card.

That way I might actually have some Christmas savings next year.

Christmas present limit:

Set a limit for each present if you can.

Decide who you’re buying, what you ideally would like to get them and give yourself a price limit.

For example I like to spend exactly the same amount on the kids.. Its not always about how many presents they have because some can be costly.

Now Annabelle is older she is into much more grown up things which are expensive, William and Eva are still of a toy age. So it may look like more, but I’ve still spent the same!

Know when to stop:

Make sure you enjoy your holiday too, the last thing anyone wants to be doing is out shopping on Christmas Eve. When you’re done, make you are done!

Sleep well:

As much as it is stressful and we have a million things going on in our minds; sleep is also extremely important.

Christmas includes late nights and early starts, especially if you have children. So you will loose sleep anyway!

As we sleep we produce melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates us and our sleep wake cycle. Effecting that is going to cause you to be miserable and rubbish company on Christmas day!

Shop online:

Yes you might still see things you like the look of and our tempted to buy.. But shopping online is more likely to prevent that temptation than if you saw it in the flesh in the store (and had the opportunity to try it on).

Not to mention those sale signs will suck you right in.

And do you really want to have to fight for that last LOL doll?!!

Just click click, add to basket and check out.

Teach your children to be realistic:

We all want t I spoil our kids, and see their beautiful faces light up with joy every year they open their gifts.

But as our kids get older, and the latest trends come out, their friends are getting what they want as gifts, our children know what they want too.

And those types of presents cost a lot. So we as parent a feel pressurised, guilty and bad if we can’t deliver.

Teaching our children young that they may not receive absolutely everything on their list, and that Christmas is about what’s around the tree, not under it… Will benefit you forever!


Whether it be walking or going to the gym; get those endorphins pumping around your system, stabilize your mood, and feel yourself relax a little.

I absolutely love going to the gym, it’s my time, it’s my passion, and I feel good and calm when I’m there.

And lastly

Bloody have fun:

It’s freaking Christmas. Its your Christmas too. It only happens once a year. Enjoy the food, the alcohol, the laughter.

Laughter actually boosts circulation, helps your muscles relax and lessens stress.

Which at this time of year we could do without the added.

Now I’m not saying by doing all of this your Christmas is going to be the be the most stress free, relaxing time. (let’s face it who’s is?). But if you can keep on top of things and keep stress to a minimal, you’ll enjoy Christmas that little bit more.

P. S avoid the elf on the shelf, that bastard will ruin you!

All my love

See you in my next blog

Sian xo

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