10 ways to keep a strong relationship!

Grab yourself a hot beverage or a bottle of wine, all the snacks, sit down, relax and enjoy!

Relationships take time, effort, commitment, compassion, and respect. Along side many other things for a relationship to survive you have to be equal!

No one is better than the other.

There are actually 5 stages of building a good relationship:





And commitment

You may experience these 5 things, and that’s okay because it may help you find the one!

I strongly believe there is someone out there for everyone.

So I have created a list of 12 ways I think may help you in your relationship!

Before a full blown argument wait 5 minutes:

Decide if you really want to do this.. Is it worth it? Can you be bothered? Do you really give a shit? Chances are you only thought you did. The amount of times I could have let little things that were built up inside my head get to me, but then I relised their not that big of a deal.


Gaah this is so damn important. The best thing you can ever do is talk to each other. If he/she is being an asshole- tell them! If there’s something you think you could have done differently. The last thing you want is to allow yourself to explode during an argument, over something you would have rather talked about.

Your partner is your best friend, the one you have chosen to spend your life with, they are the person that will listen to you like no other.

Do something special together

Plan a night away, or grab a bite to eat, bowling can even be fun, or a walk along the beach with an ice cream. I would love to go back to where me and Michael had our first date.

Remember what it was like, where we first made a connection.

Even visit somewhere we loved and enjoyed with powerful memories..

Perhaps you could try something new and build that excitment seratonin hormone in our brains.

Give and Take

Giving and taking is important. Not like the ones you set your children, but ones that can help you respect and trust each other. Even set the same ones for yourself

If you’ve both decided he’s coming back from his night out with his friends at 2am, then you should do the same on your night out.

Abide by that principle, it takes two to make a relationship work.

Tell them things you may not like them doing, but don’t be shocked if they provide you with the same advice.

It’s not easy maintain a relationship, but having one with comfortable boundaries avoids arguments and setbacks.

It can also prove eachothers trust.

Put your phone down

So many of us are guilty of sticking on a film, sitting down together, and becoming glued to our phones.

This isn’t healthy, how can you expect to connect if you can’t even put your phone down during a time you’re actually sat in silence together?!

Sharing the load

He’s had a hard day at work it’s not sexist to assume you’re cooking tonight, perhaps run him a bath?

However when we’ve had a hard week with the kids, maybe he could return the favour at the weekend.

Learn to have time apart

It’s not healthy to live in each others pockets! You can go to the gym on your own, or out for a drink with your friends alone. You don’t need to be together 24/7, that includes texting and phone calls.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, you’ll appreciate each other more having that little space.

Admit when you’re wrong

There is nothing wrong with being wrong, we can’t be right all the time.

Be the bigger person as they say, don’t dig your heels in further. Or just agree to disagree.

Don’t take them for granted

I think we’ve all taken our partners for granted, but try not too!

It’s both of you against the world, make sure you tell them you love them every day, that you appreciate them, and you find them sexy.

Thank them for cooking dinner, or washing your clothes.. Just let them know you are grateful!

Enjoy intimacy

It’s not the B all and the end all. Sometimes she’s tired, he’s tired, we’re not in the mood or can’t be bothered.

But it is important to find a little time for some intimacy- it can bring you closer as a couple, it releases dopamine in the brain; which gives you that high happy feeling. Being intimate can also reduce stress levels.

And let’s face it…

Naked post sex cuddles are the best.

I hope you enjoyed my blog

Ill see you in the next one

All my love



Author: Sian’sways

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