Annabelle turns 7!

Its the normal thing isn’t it; every year when we celebrate our children’s birthday we go on about how we “can’t believe they are 3 or 4 or 5” or however old they may be.

Well I for one am that parent. On Monday my bright blue eyed, strawberry blonde sassy queen turned 7.

7!! 7 whole years I have had the absolute pleasure of being a mother, 7 whole years of loving her.It has been an exciting, stressful, emotional, loving, tiring, physical, happy 7 years to say the least. She is full of absolute sass and attitude and has an answer for everything, but I wouldn’t change a thing about her.

Did I mention she is a miniature version of me? Annabelle does her best to endeavour any challenge life throws at her.

And boy has life thrown some things her way.. Loosing a much wanted baby sister, moving schools and home half way through reception, not to mention the Arthritis diagnosis and treatment. But she takes every day as it comes head on, and she always comes out on top smiling.She is my first born, my best friend (whether she likes it or not), the little human that taught me what its like to be a mum, she taught me what unconditional love is, and how tough raising your own person really is.Annabelle has always matured before her time, she has always been my independent, intelligent one. She is the most loveable, warm hearted, kind, caring person. Don’t get me wrong she has her moments, but overall her huge loving heart always shines through.

Its really scary how quickly she is growing and developing, her knowledge of the world is beyond me.. she is forever telling me things even I didn’t know.

She absorbs everything like a sponge, and doesn’t forget a thing. Nope she will most definitely ask you for those sweets you promised her last week every single day.

Our journeys to and from school are always quite something, despite her apparent loathe for maths she will still have me ask her times tables. And of course she knows the answer and I do not.Sometimes I do worry about Annabelle coping with being the eldest, she tends to have her clothes given to her in the mornings to get herself dressed, she’s decided I am no longer needed at bath time, and she spends a lot of time in her room colouring, writing, reading and watching TV.

As nice as some may think that is, I miss her reliance, her needing me and wanting cuddles. And sometimes I worry she thinks she’s got to just get on with it, because she has to younger siblings that rely on me more.Now I know she loves the bones of her younger brother and sister, sometimes she may favour Eva more, as her and William fight and argue like I’ve never known. Despite all that it doesn’t stop her checking up on him at school, informing me if he has eaten his lunch, who he has sat with, she will even ask his teacher how he’s been if she spots her.Some may say I typical sibling looking for something to tell a tale on, I’ll stick with an interested caring sibling.

The girl can talk for England let me tell you, but she has for sure developed my worrying and anxious traits. Just like me she needs a lot of reassurance, our minds just over think too much.

My mum always takes great pleasure in reminding me this is my karma, for being such a diva as a child. What more could I want than a copy of myself?

Annabelle’s confident charisma proves well at school, she has an amazing group of girl friends and to my disliking proves popular with the boys.Every morning she struts into the playground like she owns the place, chatting away to her friends.. that girl has got her mothers gob that’s for sure.

Its so lovely to see her mates gather round her, I cant tell you how relaxed it makes me feel knowing she’s settled in so well after moving away from our home town.I admire her confidence and I think others do too, when she used to go to the childminders I bumped into another mum at the swimming pool. Her son was younger than Annabelle; but she told me how much he looked up to her like a big sister, how she helped him come out of his shell, gave him confidence and was so kind to him.

When you have off days and criticise your own parenting, beating yourself up and feeling for all the little things.. things like that remind you, you are raising and incredible child.

If you needed her she would be there, I hate to say sometimes that does exclude her younger brother William.. I cant imagine how frustrating it is sometimes, having a brother who hasn’t quite matured as quickly as you, who hasn’t always got the greatest social skills, and has additional needs. Its not always easy trying to explain that to Annabelle, to be honest quite often she doesn’t listen to a word I say! But we are getting there.

I have to say the good always out weighs the bad with my kids. Despite the tantrums, the fights, the back chat, attitude and the stress they really are my absolute world, the 3 of them I couldn’t live without.I think Eva is easy at the minute, she’s little, doesn’t answer her back, or annoy her, she’s like a little baby doll and Annabelle for sure takes on the mother hen role.

Annabelle has always been a leader, sometimes it frustrates me because she can get really bossy. I really dislike the “fine then I’m not being your friend anymore” I often hear girls saying to each other. She does take control more than she should sometimes, but again some kids like that and look up to her for that, because she will always speak up for them.. she wont have her friends being bullied, and will always check people are okay.

If she saw someone sad, or sitting alone at lunch she would talk to them, invite them to sit with her and her friends.

She makes me so proud.No one makes William and Eva laugh more than Annabelle, they really do admire and look up to her!

I hope with all my heart they will always have each others backs, stay close and protect each other in life.

Happy birthday my beautiful princess, you keep being you! You will always be my baby no matter how old you are, your love for life and passion for the world is something truly special to watch.

The one who loves to read, write, bake, paint, dance, sing, run around the park, play fight, tickle fight, brush my hair, draw, create, role-play, and also throw herself on the floor when things don’t go her way; A born drama queen, story teller, stubborn, funny, energetic, high maintenance little madam.And you are all mine!

Love you to the moon and back a million zillion times x

All my love

See you in my next blog

Sian xo

Author: Sian’sways

Hello, my name is Sian. I started this blog in 2017 after the death of our baby Betsy. I am the sort of person that finds writing things down and expressing myself helpful. But I want to express myself in so many different ways and talk about so many things including; Mental Health, Baby Loss, Fashion, Motherhood, Hauls, DIY, Beauty, Reviews and so many other things

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