Mornings Mornings Mornings… The school run!!

Why does it always have to be a battle?!!

My eldest Annabelle started reception in September, my beautiful first born off to big school I still cant quite believe it now when I see her in her little uniform. The time for her to start flew round, I was pregnant at the time so full of extra hormones making me even more of an emotional wreck but at the same time excited for the new chapter she was beginning  in her life… and also the tantrums I no longer had to deal with throughout the day. The mornings are just the biggest pain in my backside, bigger than the kids. My alarm goes off at 6:30am and is always snoozed, then I suddenly shoot up and check my phone realising its now nearly half past 7… I have to leave in an hour yikes! I hate the school run. Que the now stressed out, panicking flapping mum mode with two children who need breakfast, clean teeth and to get dressed. Sounds easy? Yeah right!

Breakfast is a nice easy bowl of chocolate weetabix they like quick and simple so you’d think, 10 minutes later their still glued to Mr Tumble and have only eaten one mouthful. I by this point have now had a quick shower and gotten myself dressed headed into the living room and this is where the battle starts. “Hurry up for the 100th time please kids” to be told “I don’t like rushing my food mum” (Oh right Annabelle not the way I see it when it comes to sweets and chocolate, gone in 5 seconds). Anyway finally the breakfast is finished now its teeth brushing time and I really really hate this part, how many times can you tell a five year old to brush her teeth? I have honestly lost count in 2 minutes!!

Still here she is looking cute brushing her teeth finally.

My two year old William on the other hand likes to try and do it himself too but somehow manages to miss his mouth and brush himself instead (this is why I do not get him dressed first). Clothes time, Annabelle has really been enjoying dressing herself lately which is amazing if she was aloud to look like that at school! See picture below, cant knock her for trying she’s always so proud of herself (quick re style from mummy and she’s good to go) my first mummy save of the day.

Getting William dressed is even more fun as he thinks its brilliant to wriggle around like a box of maggots demanding he holds his clothes refusing to give me them… And telling me I’m really hurting him whilst I put his bloody socks on, yeah okay then buddy.

He’s still so bloody cute though!

This morning whilst getting dressed we were singing songs about cheeky monkeys, I proceeded to sing my version to Annabelle (Annabelle’s a cheeky monkey and she looks like one too) “That’s actually quite rude mummy and I’m telling my friends when I get to school she tells me… Ouch. So next time you have a massive tantrum and tell me I’m not your best friend anymore its only fair I tell my friends right? Anyway time for a quick time check yikes 5 minutes till we need to leave and I am still yet to down my first daily dose of caffeine, when you’re a mum you know you wont make it through the day without it?

Shoes on, which Annabelle also likes doing herself, they are buckles because the style of the shoe was the nicest in my opinion when choosing her FIRST ever pair of school shoes. Yes great idea at the time until now, as I watch her shouting at her shoes that she hates them and shes not wearing them because she cant quite get that last buckle done. Would you like some help Annabelle? “Yes before I throw them in the bin!” Okay drama queen mummy to the rescue again…. Oh yeah! Williams shoes are now on too and staying on after undoing the laces 10 times. I hate the school run.

Down to the car and it is now 25 past 8, now it really is a flappy mum throwing everything in the car including the kids the 5 year old now shouting at her seat belt that she hates that too because she can’t do it up quick enough. Can you guess what happens next? Yes mamma to the rescue. Both kids now strapped in mummy strapped in and at 27 minutes past 8 we are now in the car ready to go, not so fast…. The car has decided its the perfect day to be completely iced over and the windscreen wipers are not shifting this (why every single day I am late does this happen? Not any other day though just the days I am late) It is now 8:30 Annabelle has to be at school by 8:40 yes it only takes just under 10 minutes to get there but parking is just a whole new crappy story, did I mention I hate the school run yet? Luckily I had a neighbor to the rescue today who poured some of their warm water over my windscreen, check a defrosted car and we are finally ready to go!William looking happy as ever about this.

Usually the journey to school is pretty straight forward almost what you would expect from a completely straight forward national speed limit road, there’s a mini dual carriageway a few hundred yards up the road as well. Where I usually perform my Louis Hamilton style over takes… No Peugeot 106 I am not being stuck behind you doing 40mph in a national speed limit zone definitely not today I only have 6 minutes to get my daughter to school. Off we go along the open road doing the speed we are supposed to do until, what is this? A Que of cars? Why? What now another slow one? No…. A pissing tractor doing 25!! Brilliant just bloody brilliant. At least the kids are keeping me entertained in the back because my stupid radio is broken and I didn’t have time to plug my phone into the speaker so their beautiful version of the current bun song will just have to do, it really amazes me how a 5 year old can name every single person in her class (all 30) of them surnames and all and little William just tries to copy bless my baby. Oh and the tractor has now pulled in to let us all through, thanking you very much mate. 8.43 we are finally here yay! Today I am pulling up on the side of the road (not illegally I have to add) because I do not have time to find a space at the shop. Pretty impressed we were not that late, and in she goes for an amazing day at school. One grumpy old man however did not appreciate where I had parked as I got back into my car with William to go home, this man was not happy because he had to wait behind my car for oncoming cars talk the worst thing in the world, I know mate! So this man decided to try and squeeze through hitting my car and beeping at me in the process, don’t worry though little chase through the village and I’ve got ya number plate!

Next stop home.

Author: Sian’sways

Hello, my name is Sian. I started this blog in 2017 after the death of our baby Betsy. I am the sort of person that finds writing things down and expressing myself helpful. But I want to express myself in so many different ways and talk about so many things including; Mental Health, Baby Loss, Fashion, Motherhood, Hauls, DIY, Beauty, Reviews and so many other things

6 thoughts on “Mornings Mornings Mornings… The school run!!”

  1. This was entertaining to read 😂 I don’t have any children, but when my nephew sometimes sleeps over then I have to get him ready the next day. He always complains about brushing his teeth and suddenly says he is starving when he just had breakfast not long ago. I think he uses that excuse of being hungry to avoid brushing his teeth and getting dressed 😛 (He is 7 going to be 8 soon)

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    1. Thank you I am glad you found it entertaining to read, worried I won’t be good enough for this! Bless your nephew he sounds so much fun


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