A few parenting fails I have made.

Because kids rule the world. We all make mistakes, especially in the world of kids. And today I’m going to tell you some that I have made.. in their eyes. After all there is no such thing as a perfect parent right? I’m sure you’ll have done these too, and spend the rest of the day with a miserable whining child. The smallest of things are so massive in their eyes. I just didn’t realise how long an almost 6 year old can hold a grudge for.So here we go..

The wrong coloured cup or bowl.. Yup I probably make this mistake every morning, I should have it implanted into my brain by now. Who would of thought the green cup would be so appealing. They even fight over it sometimes.Oh how we love this cup It’s just such a nice looking cup right

Choosing their clothes.. Because a 5 year old can choose better than you. With her bright pink leggings and bright orange top, we won’t miss her coming.

Helping them.. Just why would you even dare, they know better than you after all. When she can’t undo her tight top button on her school shirt, throwing herself on the floor is a much better idea than some assistance. She will do it herself!

Explaining something.. You have no idea what you’re talking about, they know it better than you. Trying to explain to the 3 year old the best way we can build his mega massive train track is just stupid, he won’t listen.

Asking them to do something.. They will moan and whinge, just don’t even bother. But if they do do it, it won’t be done properly.

Cooking them dinner.. I should know by now that a nice hot dinner just doesn’t cut it, stop offering the 5 year old a dinner when she’s had one at school first. She wants sandwiches. Oh and she hates sausages, why do I keep cooking sausages for 3 other people that like them.

Talking.. They never listen, they talk over you, and you’re boring. I think their sick of the sound of my voice. I’ll just be quiet now.

Playing a game with them.. Unless you’re prepared to let them win, don’t fucking bother. I am competitive and like to win.I’m sure I’ve made many more parenting fails, but these are just a few I can think of I’ve made just this week.Tell me some you have made.

Author: Sian’sways

Hello, my name is Sian. I started this blog in 2017 after the death of our baby Betsy. I am the sort of person that finds writing things down and expressing myself helpful. But I want to express myself in so many different ways and talk about so many things including; Mental Health, Baby Loss, Fashion, Motherhood, Hauls, DIY, Beauty, Reviews and so many other things

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